How I Met My Better Half While Travelling

It was the month of April in the year 2016 and I decided to treat myself to a visit to the wonderful city of Rome. Just as the city wasn’t built in a day, neither was my plan.

See, I had been working my ass off over at work ever since the beginning of the year. I had reports upon reports to document with deadlines so tight it could suffocate a child. I also had the most unsupportive and insensitive group of friends. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, it’s just that they know nothing about my area of expertise and would laugh at me whenever I try to complain about what I am going through with murmurs of “here we go again” before dismissing my complaints with “What you need is a girlfriend who will listen to your complaints, we ain’t that” every time, but usually in different forms.

I was desperately in need of a break from my usual life so when the opportunity came, I pounced on it the way a Lion does its prey. My birthday happens to be the 21st of April so what I did was pitch the idea of a week’s break to travel out and celebrate my birthday to my boss at the beginning of the month. After some grunting and making me promise not to extend the duration of the break, he said yes, and so the planning began.

The Sunday before the Thursday that was my birthday came and in the beautiful city of Rome I was. Fast forward to Tuesday when I finally had the time to go out to experience the scenery (no thanks, emergency reports). Actually, thanks emergency reports as I might not have met the love of my life had I gone out on Monday.

I stepped out and immediately sought to cancel out the item on the top of my bucket list – Drink an Italian Blend Coffee in Italy. I asked around and was directed to a coffee shop just down the road from my hotel. Upon getting there, I had to wait a while as I met a little queue. When it finally got to my turn and the attendant turned to me, flashed a bright smile and asked in the most angelic voice ever (after speaking Italian and seeing I didn’t understand a single word) “What will you be having, Mr…?” I was stunned.

“Dwight Walker” I managed to reply. I was hooked, I had found the one what I had been looking for. This was why the Universe made me choose Italy and Rome in particular. This is my calling.

“What will you be having Mr Dwight?” she asked again

“An Italian blend, Fiona” I responded with a smile after taking a slight peek at her name tag.

I got my drink and went to sit at a point where I could easily steal glances at this work of art I just found in Rome. I must admit, the Italian blend over there tasted slightly better than the ones I’m used to, or maybe it tasted better because my new found crush gave that particular one to me.

Once I was done, I walked over to Fiona, dropped a little tip, requested her number which she willingly gave me, set up a date, and the rest, they say, is history.

Fast forward 2 years later and I and my darling Fiona are a happily married and expecting couple. And you know the best part of it all? She cares about what I do and is always down to listen to my complaints.

Cheers to the powers of travel!!…


Of the many amazing countries to visit on the globe is China. Despite its fast-paced technological advancement, the Asian country has managed to preserve its cultural heritage and ancient traditions. China’s mix of the past and present makes it a location to visit.

The Chinese lifestyle, cultural highlights, urban nightlife, and astonishing sceneries are something to covet. If you have had your Chinese vacation planned out and you are still unsure of which hotel or resort site to lodge, worry less because you are reading the right guide.

In no particular other, here are some resort sites to see in China:

  1. AMANFAYUN Resorts

This startling site is top of the list of China’s finest resorts and it is a place to explore. Situated in Hangzhou’s bamboo-filled hills, the 47-room resort is bordered by natural forests, tea fields and luxuriant thickets of bamboo. Amanfayun was initially a village occupied by ancient Chinese people before the conversion into what is now one of China’s finest resort destinations. This site is barely 20-minutes’ drive from the city’s centre and it has a natural landscaping. From most of the accommodations in the resort, you will get a breath-taking view of the old botanical gardens and Buddhist sanctuaries, numerous pagodas, enormous wetland areas and the legendary shopping and silk streets of Hangzhou. The resort is listed on UNESCO’s WHS.


This Mandarin Oriental is a 5-star Lǚguǎn unique for its revered customer service, serene health spa, stunning architectural design and a first-rate restaurant. The Pudong based hotel is bordered by the coruscating Lujiazui Skyscrapers and other leisure and fun site which are about 10 minutes from the hotel. It boasts 44 suites and 318 spacious, contemporary and comfortable rooms all offering a magnificent view of the Huangpu River. Another plus is the complimentary Wi-fi, comfort, and convenience you will enjoy due to the high technology utilized in the hotel’s environment.

3.      ROSEWOOD BEIJING HOTEL The Rosewood Hotel, Beijing, a property of the Rosewood Hotel Group is an elegant 5-star hotel embedded with sophistication for your comfort. This hotel is situated in the Chaoyang Central Business District and it boasts 283 suites and posh rooms. Its guest room features spacious restrooms, natural finishes, walk-in closets, sleek designs and textural overlays set to give tourists and guests a worthwhile experience. The Rosewood Hotel mirrors the compelling culture, geography, and antecedents of Beijing. The restaurant here is fantastic with a long list of meals to choose from including native Chinese and western dishes. The pool area is also an amazing place to catch some poolside fun. The rental charges are a bit on the high side, but the fun, and comfort will be worth it in the end.




Are you a lover of luxury and adventure? Then Chinese Hotels are a place to be on your vacations.


4 beach destination tips to consider when choosing a beach holiday

A beach holiday. Something that most people do prefer. But, there are so many different destinations that you can choose for your beach holiday. This can make it so hard to choose the destination that is going to be best for you and your family. However, this doesn’t mean that you should keep on struggling. With these 4 tips, you will know what type of destination you should go for.

Do you want a peace and quiet holiday or in the middle of all the action?

The first thing that you should consider, is if you want a destination where you can have all the peace and quiet that you need. Or, if you are looking for a destination where there are lots of people and activities that you can choose from.

Some people prefer a holiday where they can just sit back and enjoy the view and the peace that the ocean is offering. However, some people want to do different water activities, have fun with other people and doesn’t want to sit back and just enjoy the view.

Your budget is going to be the main thing to consider when choosing a beach destination

Yes, a beach holiday can be really expensive and you need to make sure that you have the right budget for it. However, the good news is that there are some beach holiday destinations that are affordable and not as luxurious as the more expensive destinations.

So, you should make sure that you are considering your budget when you are making your bookings for your beach holiday.

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The time of year that you want to go on your beach holiday

Not all the countries have summer at the same time. And, the last thing that you want, is to go on a beach holiday during the winter time.

You need to make sure that you know which time of year you are planning your holiday. Then, you should do research and make sure that you are making your reservations at a country that will have nice warm weather.

A luxurious beach holiday or an affordable beach holiday

There are two types of beach holidays. The luxurious beach holiday or the affordable beach holiday. You need to make sure that you know which one you want. The luxurious beach holiday is more expensive, but this will give you a holiday that you will never forget. There are many destinations that are offering this type of holiday.

But, if you are looking for an affordable holiday, you don’t need to worry. There are some great holiday destinations for this type of holiday as well.

A beach holiday. Something that most people like. But, to find the right destination can be hard. This is because most countries have one or two great beach destinations that you can choose from. However, you need to make sure that you are going to consider all the facts before you make your final decision about your beach holiday.